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If you know the popular anime and manga series, One Piece, you will love this game, the game starts out with a little tutorial on how to do things. Your adventures in the game will be the same path as the Straw Hat Pirates took, First from the first Alvida arc and so on. At start you begin with your main character that you choose and as the game progresses you will gain more and more crew with a maximum of 5 at a time to use, train, and dominate with. There is currently 14 servers and counting. Luffy being the first server to come out which currently has the most players across all the servers. 

There is a couple of system you have to keep in mind while playing the game:

The Battlefield System - each battle in the battlefield will cost 1 Vitality, but when you fail it doesn't consume any so its a friendly system.

You get 1 VITALITY every 30 minutes

TIP: Only use Continuous Attack when you are sure that there is nothing you can spend vitality on.
try to finish the Primary Quest and Branch Quest. If you're done with the Primary and Branch quest and still have extra Vitality, try to finish the Reward on each Battlefields you passed.You can find that in the Upper right in each Battlefield.

The Guild System - Guild with other people, I suggest you join a popular or a top ranked guild.

Note: You can join a guild once you reach level 20 and have chosen your camp. Click on Yosaku or the guild interface in the lower menu.

There is a RESOURCE WAR every 2 days, your guild will be fighting another guild. when you win you get Berry everyday while you still have the resource mine.

There is a Guild Party everyday ask your fellow Guild Mates on what time your Guild party will be.

TIP: Try to Develop on your Guild Class everyday, you spend a little berry and you get FAME and contribute in the progress of your guild. You can also Donate by using gold and getting fame and contribution.

The Mine System - this system gives you berries depending on what color of mine you get, full duration of 4 hours per mine, you can up to 2 mines when you reach 50K Fame.

The Gem System - Gems are the ones you put in your equipment to add extra stats. The higher the level of you gems the higher the stat it gives. see my Gem Guide.

Note: you can combine your Gem to another Gem to level it up

TIP: Never buy exp gems at the store because its not worth it if you want your gems to level up, I suggest go explore and use the low level gems to level up your strong gems.

My Gem Guide : Click Here

The Explore System - this is where you get your Gems. There is 5 Stages of places in the Explore system.The Higher the star of the gem the harder it is to get.

In VIP 1, you unlock a feature called One Click Explore, which it automatically explore for you when its full the gems will be send in to your bag. and continue again.

The Production System - everyday you get 50 free Melting times. you melt up to 10 times and then produce, the item will depend on the quality of your melts.

Click Image to Enlarge
Like Treasure Hunt there is also a Trade System in the Production.

Click to Image to Enlarge
Note: You Unlock Artisans that helps you on your Melting, the expire 72 hours from the first Melt

The Daily Task System - you do this everyday to gain Gold, Berry, Necklaces.

Note: Look at the Mission Objectives before you accept a Task. This way will earn you more points to get more stuff.

The Treasure Hunt System- you will get 5 times of treasure hunting everyday. You will choose either to get a Cloak or a Headgear. you can click the Favor Refresh up to 10 times to get a better Map.

Windmill - Shell - Orange - Syrup - Logue

Windmill  - being the lowest Fame and quality of item you will get
Logue      - being the highest Fame and quality of item you will get

There is a 20 minute waiting time for each Treasure Hunt. after the 20 minutes then you will get the item.

** Rob System - you can rob a ship up to 4 times everyday which will give you Fame, Berry, and Trading  Points

You can click the TRADE in the Treasure Hunt Interface to trade points for Items.

Blue Ship : 5 Red Points
Yellow Ship : 15 Red Points and 2 Purple Points
Red Ship : 10 Purple Points
Purple Ship : 15 Purple Points 

The Ship System - Your ship will progress as the story progress.

-Your ship will contain:


Kitchen: upgrade your kitchen to get more berry per food produce and unlock other food.

Research: The level of research will increase the max level up your researches.
                  You can research Health, P. Atk, C. Atk, M. Atk, P. Def, C. Def, M. Def.

Training Room: In here you can train your crew, by training I mean them getting experience overtime.

Note: the higher the level of your Training Room the faster your crew will gain EXP.

TIP: Max this whenever possible you will need to overtime experience when you reborn a crew.

Trade Chamber: Upgrading this will increase your SAIL and Food Sales.

Master/Captain Room: Upgrade this to increase SAIL income.

Pet Room: The higher the level of the pet room the faster your pet will gain EXP.

Sailor Room: Upgrading this will improve SAIL income.

Medical Room: Upgrading this will reduce the loss of life after battle.
NOTE: when your life reaches 0 you will be able to fight in the battlefields.

Gold Room: Upgrading this will increase the probability to get GOLD in Sailing.

The Port System - There are 3 Camp in the game North, East, South.
In level 20 you'll be ask to join a certain port East, North, South. - THIS will be permanent.

Click the Image to Enlarge
- Guilds are based on camps. It means that when a guild is South, Only south camp players will be able to join. so think very carefully on which camp you want to join . check the guilds and check what camps they are.

In the Port when you reach a certain level you should move to the Neutral Port.
The mines in Neutral Port gives more Berry than the other ports. that's the only reason why you should move.

The Arena System - Click the Arena on the menu above. you will see there people with ranks near to you.

You will take the arena rank to those who you defeat.

Every 3 days you will get an Arena Reward. You can also re watch your matches by clicking the View Beside the matches.

The Gift System- At about level 32 - 35 you will get the Gift System. Blue and above quality items will give you gifts that will increase your protagonist's Charm and your crew's Good will.

YOU CAN GET YOUR GIFTS AT GIFT HOUSE : Exchange blue and above quality items to get gifts
You need FAVOR to exchange gifts and you will also gain berry

1 star gift - 100 points
2 star gift - 200 points
3 star gift - 300 points
4 star gift - 400 points
and so on.

There's many types of gifts, : Cookware, Food, Mechanical, Instruments, Books.
Each character have a preferred gift EX: Kent. Mechanical gifts will give 125% more points and Instrument gifts will only give 75%.

Some crew members can give your protagonist an extra option on skills you can use.
EX: Nami at level 18 Good Will your protagonist will get a skill that is somewhat related to Nami.

The Enhance System - This is where you enhance your items to boost their stats. each succeeding enhance will increase the Berry cost.

So my advice to you if you are not atleast VIP 1. Focus first on gems before enhancing.
but if you are VIP 1 or above you can choose to focus either one.

There is an Inherit system for VIP 1 and above players where you can take the enhancement of one equipment and put it in another.

The Crew and Formation System - You will reach your full crew at level 45 where you can use all 5 at the same time. your crew can be reborn in level 50, 55 , 60 , 65, 70, 75 and so on.

You can Develop your main character (protagonist) at level 50 60 70 and so on.

Formation: there is a total of 8 formations you can use , each formation gives different bonus stats.

If you fail some battlefields, try changing your form accordingly.

The Currencies - There is 4 currencies you need to be aware of:
Berry - The Main money of the game used for enhancing, exploring gem and developing protagonist.

Favor - Used for research, Gift, Developing protagonist, and Accelerating.

Gold - Can be used in many ways like Daily task, extra kitchen produce, extra sail, for +50 Quality on production, for expanding your bag, Roll crew, Inherit, refresh cool downs, and for buying extra arena battles.

Click the Image to Enlarge

Fame - This is solely used for getting stronger characters.

You can get Fame by joining Punk Dragon, Kraken, Arena, Guild Party, Cheering in the Pirate king tournament, Arena rewards, Battlefields rewards, Roll Crew, Sailing, and Event list everyday.

Roll Crew - you can roll crew by clicking at Mi Rui

You can get characters at Roll Crew at are not available at the Bar.

There is various characters available and also super strong characters like Smoker and Enel. You can get them at roll crew by rolling using gold or using the free rolls everyday.
Rolling Crew is purely based on luck on what you get.

The Shadow Spirit System- This can be unlocked at level 70 when you reach Water 7.

You can advance your crew here like Nami, Chopper, Sanji and many more.

The quest for each character is hard so be ready.

You can check this Shadow Spirit Guide : Shadow Spirit Guide Click Here
                                                                Shadow Spirit Video Guide

The VIP System - this system is where you actually pay In Real Life Money.

The higher the VIP level the higher the benefits.

VIP Guide: 

General Game Tips :

If you in need of a 24 hour storage the Store is there for you just remember to buy them back before they disappear.

Try to claim free experience every 8 hours

Your bounty depends on your Achievements
More bounty = more salary everyday.

When you reach level 35. There is a free 1000 Point Gift everyday for free. The 2nd 1000 Point Gift will cost 10 then 20 then 30 and so on.

Mines gives you berry rewards in exchange for 1 Vitality.
Try to occupy a mine with higher rewards - Coal - Silver - Gold - Blue - Red
Red being the highest berry reward
Coal being the lowest berry reward

Get your Daily Reward.

Get all the rewards everyday.

Research whenever you can unless you really need the Favor.

Always train your crew to keep up with your protagonist's level

When you reach level 35. There is a free 1000 Point Gift everyday for free. The 2nd 1000 Point Gift will cost 10 then 20 then 30 and so on. just go to Crew . (The Hat Icon) then click Gifts. the Click Gold Gift

Click the Image to enlarge


  1. can you post a guide for guild resource war? screen shot or video clip of what to click, when to do it and how to do it? this will benefit us a lot. thanks.

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    nd he won in the 1st place on prodigy event
    the copier is Aries from Sanji server

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  11. do you have pictures of ALL golden costumes "fashion"? like aries,taurus etc?