How to get more berries:

1. Upgrade your sailor room and master room before you do sail
2. Upgrade your kitchen before you sell your production food
3. Don't forget to use Order when you hit level 39, you can use order at other player in friend list. (Note : 1 day have 2 times refresh order, each refresh have 10 orders. Refresh time in GMT +7 = 02.30 & 10.00)
4. Always move into neutral camp every time you reach new town! Mine at neutral camp give you 2 times berry!
5. Don't bother participate in pirate king tournament, because if you join the fight you can't cheer, you got fame and berry if player that you cheer become champion!

Crew that you'll need later on that you can get early.

Nami - great for pvp and other stuff.
Kent - for shadow spirit and also Boss events
Kaya - very good buffer even better when you get to advanced her.
Vivi - same as Kaya.
Ussop - you actually won't need him you just need to train him for shadow spirit
Lena - same as Ussop.
Chopper -

Crew that you'll want to get in Roll Crew

Mr. 1

Advanced Story Crew - Shadow Spirit Quest.

1. Kent > Lv 70
2. Lena > Lv 70
3. Kaya > Lv 75 Reborn 3
4. Vivi > Lv 75 Reborn 3
5. Usopp > Lv 80 Reborn 4
6. Nami > Lv 80 Reborn 6
7. Chopper > Lv 85 Reborn 7
8. Mr. 2 > Lv 85 Reborn 7
9. Tashigi > Lv 85 Reborn 7
10. Sanji > Lv 85 Reborn 7
11. Zoro > Lv 85 Reborn 7

Note :
1. You have a sequence to advance story crew, so you can't advance your Nami except you finish advance Kent, Lena, Kaya, Vivi and Usopp first
2. Try to invest training Kent first because he is the first advance crew you can do, and he will become very useful when you advance him
3. Don't underestimate advance crew, because they boost status and also give a new skill ( 1 Str = + 1 % P.Atk & P.Def, 1 Agi = + 1 % C.Atk & C.Def, 1 Int = + 1 % M.Atk & M.Def).

How to Get Fame:

1. Attend guild party everyday, it give you fame and also vit, if you can't attend you still got half reward
2. Sailing and answer the adventure question (i will try to write down all choice later)
3. Develop tech guild, every 250 berry you donate you will got 4 fame
4. Gold donate, you only can do this once a day, 10 gold will give you 200 fame
5. Arena, challange people 20 times each day no matter you win or lose you will got 10 fame
6. World boss, every time you hit them you will got 20 fame, and also reward by % of damage you deal to them
7. Arena reward every 3 days
8. Cheering in pirate king tournament will give you 200 fame if the player you cheer become champion.
9. Clear battlefield reward.
10. Attack another player from other camp (but just use your free flag attack, don't waste your vit for doing this)
11. Treasure Hunting also gives Fame the better the place the more fame you get.

How to damage the World Boss more:

 → Click Here  

How to get better rankings in Arena:

1. Don't waste your berry in enhance, +30 is more than enough except you hit level 40 with yellow equipment
2. Invest all your berry on gems with nominal don't use % gem
3. Level up your gem till all level 5 first and after that focus on your crit / magic damage gems, so no matter what happen if you attack first you will always win, you can wait till last minutes of arena time to turn the table!
4. This is an easy formation and it still effective till you hit lv 55++
Frozen Formation : 1. Protagonist 2. Vivi 3. Kaya 4. Ms. Monday / Alvida 5. Alvida / Ms Monday.

How to spend gold efficiently:

1. Don't waste your gold on roll bar. but if you're a VIP and have lots of gold feel free to try at level 56.
2. Accelerate Exp Balls everyday! it give you a lot of exp , better than you buy Vitality
3. Don't waste your gold on production!
4. Use your gold to refresh day task if u already upgrade day task at level 55
5. Use Gold sail at least twice a day, it only spent 3 gold each day, if u lucky enough you can got 20 gold or more from that two gold sail!

Day Task Guide:

Day Task is the only way you can got a necklace and also gold!

White Background = 1 Point
Green Background = 2 Point
Blue Background = 3 Point
Yellow Background = 4 Point

You can upgrade your day task when u hit lv 55 and 70 and 90

Every time you reach 45 point, 75 point, 105 point and 125 point you can retrieve a necklace, and if you reach 30 point and 90 point you got gold!

1 day you only can get 10 day task, and free refresh once, so even if you done all yellow task u only can receive 40 point, but if you follow the mission objective, you can got maximal 130 point!

if you clear your access task by following the mission objective, you will got extra point!

first mission objective = 1 task + 10 point
second mission objective = 2 task + 20 point
third mission objective = 3 task + 30 point
fourth mission objective = 3 task + 30 point

here some tips doing day task for non VIP player:

1. try to clear the mission objective even if you only got white background task.
2. don't be greedy aiming the high level necklace cause you need 5 gold each refresh and sometimes it really hard to refresh task to got the same mission objective.
3. just aim for 30 point to save some gold for other day.
4. when u feel lucky enough and can do until third objective without using refresh, you may use the gold that you save to aim 125 point necklace with clearing the fourth mission objective.

Note: sometimes you are just unlucky and won't get the points you want.just give up and try another day.

Event Time in GMT +7

1. Pirate King Tournament = 00.00
2. Dungeon Activities & Orders Refresh Time = 02.30 & 10.00
3. Daily Welfare (Free Attack, Mine, Conqueror, Battlefield) = 02.00 & 09.30
4. Punk Dragon = 05.30
5. Kraken = 11:00

Gem Guide:

→ Click Here


→ Click Here

Happy Sailing!


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  1. Thanks for your Guide, but i have a Problem. The Events Dragon and Kraken is wrong. The correctly Time is Dragon = 0.45 and the Kraken = 5:45